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Take Instant Treatment To Your Facebook Problems Using Facebook Customer Support Number

Facebook, such an amazing social media platform, is equipped with a wide variety of features such as Facebook event, Facebook marketplace, Facebook Notes, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages and many more which not only help to cater to personal needs but also assist in imparting business. Due to excellent user friendly interface, robust security and so many exciting features, games & applications, Facebook has become of the best name in the ocean of social media platforms, being used among the billions of people all across the world.

On the other hand, Facebook sometimes creates hitches and glitches due to various known and unknown reason. For the purpose of fixing all such problems, you are needed to make use of Facebook Customer Service Phone Number toll free available all the time so that you could access it round the clock in a flawless manner.

Guidance You Need To Understand About How To Unblock On Facebook Flawlessly


Facebook brings blocking feature which allow users to block the person who is annoying you on the Facebook. Once you block any of your Facebook friends, the blocked person will be able to check posts, photos and videos that you share publically on your timeline. Apart from that, if blocked one wants to become your friend, he/ she won’t until you unblock them. In order to become the friend, you will have to unblock him/her and you are required to send a friend request to them.


Here is How To Unblock On Facebook?


  • In order to unblock person from your FB account, you are needed to go to the Settings option and then opt for the ‘Blocking’ option which will be located left side of Facebook.
  • Once click on the same option, you will be able to see a list of those Facebook friends you you’ve blocked in the ‘Block Users’ section for any reason.
  • You need to go to those names you want to unblock by clicking ‘Unblock’ option located just next to their name.
  • After it is completed, you are needed to confirm that you want to unblock the person for sure. After conformation, you will be able to get the blocked person unblocked.

Note: Though Facebook allows you to block any of your annoying friends, you can’t block them again for a couple of days once you recently unblock them from your timeline. Apart from that, if you are facing trouble with the process of block and unblock anyone of your FB, you are suggested to make use of Facebook Customer Service Phone Number right now and the best possible solution, at your home like comfort.


How To Delete My Facebook Groups And Business Page?


There are so many reasons the Facebook users might be thinking about removing out their Facebook groups, business page and even Facebook account too—may be they think they spend a lot of time using FB or maybe your friend circle have stopped making use of social media networks already, so there’s no reason and are numerous reasons to keep it around.

Here Is The Process About How To Delete My Facebook Groups And Business Page

  • In order to delete your Facebook group, you are needed to go to the group you are seeking out to delete permanently.
  • Apart from that, you are required to go to ‘Members’ option and opt for the option saying ‘Remove from Group’ which would be located just next to each person.
  • Choose the option of ‘Leave Group’ which would be available just next to your name once you make sure that you have removed everyone else available in the group,
  • On your last step, you are needed to click ‘Leave and Delete’ option.


How To Delete Facebook Page Without Putting Too Much Of Your Effort?  


If you are one of those who are looking to delete a Facebook business page you’ve created for the purpose of showcasing your products and services, here’s How To Delete My Facebook Business page:

  • In order to do so, you are needed to go to your business page and you have to click ‘Settings’ option.
  • Scroll to bottom and reach out to General Tabs from the settings and then you will be asked to opt for the option saying ‘Remove Page’
  • Click on the delete option given with the name of your Facebook business page and then click ‘Ok’ option. Once you click, you will be able to successfully delete your account.

Note: Once you request Facebook officials to delete your business page by implementing the above mentioned steps, it is essential to keep the fact mind that Facebook officially takes up to 14 days in order to delete your business page.

In addition to this, if you are facing any kind of technical errors and problems with the above given process, you should try Facebook Customer Service which would connect you to a team of professionals who are ace at providing the proper guidance along with the expert’s supervision in a couple of seconds. Hence, whenever you face any issues with the use of Facebook, just make a call at Facebook Customer Service Phone Number and get the finest yet feasible technical assistance at your home like comfort, in a cost effective manner.


Everybody uses Facebook means it is the only social media platform where the audience of different classes and categories is present. Due to such diverse features provided by the platform, the technical issues arise on the platform also diverse in nature which is not easy to solve. The problems related to verification, mailing and so on. In order to solve the verification issue just see whether my page is verified or not. For solving mailing problems check whether can I send email or not. In critical situation talk to someone who can guide you correctly.  Otherwise, contact customer service platform and report a problem but don’t what is number of the customer service. Just visit their official site and make contact by phone and talk to representative of the platform.

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