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Amazon has a wide range of products that comes with a quality guarantee. Owing to on-time delivery and high-class service, Amazon has been able to acquire a trusted position among the market players. In the 25 years of its establishment, this company has grown to a great extent in order to become the pinnacle e-commerce platform and online retailer in the world. Its services are not confined to just one country. No matter where you are, you get access to the Amazon account to enjoy its online shopping experience and other services. On this platform, customers will find more than 12 million items o different categories.Getting technical difficulties is obvious, no matter which online marketplace you’re making use of. In fact, Amazon subscribers also sometimes get hit with sudden technical errors. Whatever your Amazon related issue is, every user can remove them off with the help of our amazon customer service phone number.

To enjoy the uninterrupted shopping experience on this eCommerce website, the best solution would be our support service that is being delivered with technical professionals. The best thing about this service is the priority telephone access via amazon customer service  to our Amazon senior technical executives. With this, every serious glitch will be sorted out in the blink of the eye.

Get steps of cancellation of membership of Amazon Prime from the technical executives

With Amazon Prime, your order can get delivered to you in the least possible time. It also offers you to enjoy digital streaming content anytime on your device. If you’ve enjoyed the subscription of Prime and want to cancel its subscription then these steps would be helpful for you:

  • To go to your Amazon account, make use of a web browser and then navigate to it. This can also be done in the Amazon app from any device.
  • On displaying Amazon sign-in page, sign in with your standard Amazon account.
  • You must choose the “Hello” sign that is available on the upper right corner.
  • With the email and password, the subscriber will get signed in to the Amazon account. On the upper right corner, look for your name in order to tap on it to get a drop down menu.
  • The menu that you’ll get comes with a few options. So, look out for the prime membership option and then find the option of ‘do not continue’. Apart from this, clicking on ‘end subscription’ will also end your Amazon Prime subscription.

In order to seek technical aid directly from the experienced technical staff, simply dial the amazon phone number. Our number is all day all night operational so you don’t have to worry about time restriction here.

Technician available round the clock technical assistance

Every technical problem with Amazon will be completely different from each other. Some issues can be tackled on your own but some serious glitches might require technical assistance to get fixed. This technical support service is time-saving from where you can get reliable real-time technical help by dialing amazon number to talk to the techies.

  • Our support service is available all over the globe so that a large number of Amazon users can make use of it to call and get their technical difficulty to be troubleshot.
  • It is like a one-stop solution where the users of Amazon and Amazon Prime subscribers will get answers to every kind of technical queries in the quickest manner.
  • The experts are trained and promise to offer the exact and instantaneous solution of every Amazon-related technical mishap along with a satisfaction to the users.

My Amazon app not opening? What to do?

This Amazon app related issue must have faced by almost every user. If this issue is stopping you from purchasing online then you’re requested to uninstall the Amazon app from the device and restart the device. Then install the Amazon app again but before opening it just clear all the cache history from it. If the problem is still the same then you can try for updating the app on your device. Taking amazon help from the technical executives will help you resolve this problem forever.

Seeking technical aid in withdrawing the balance from Amazon Pay? Give one call to techies

Whatever balance you have in your Amazon Pay, it can be withdrawn with ease anytime.

  • The first thing that is required is to open your app, go to Amazon Pay and then choose the option of Shoppers.
  • Sign in with the correct Amazon account details.
  • Under the section of Amazon pay, look for the option of ‘Withdraw Funds’. Choosing a bank account is a must on Amazon pay.
  • Type the amounts on the Amazon pay that is to be transferred to the bank account. Complete it with clicking “Continue”.

If you cannot get your money transferred to your account for any reason, contact our senior technical expert on Amazon customer service number. They’ll give you Amazon support to identify the glitch and offer its suitable solution. Troubleshooters are highly experienced and dedicated to solving the issues of Amazon account, Alexa, Prime and Amazon pay related in just a few minutes.


Millions of users purchase products and goods from Amazon on a daily basis but sometimes users have many complaints regarding the products and services they have purchased. Due to which they want to talk to a representative of Amazon. They want to make contact by email with Amazon customer service. If possible they also want to talk to a live person and ask about a refund. In worst-case scenario, some users want to delete an account permanently they get so much disappointed by the service. Before taking any rash decision just contact customer service of platform and report your issue. Don’t worry this platform provides 24/7 customer service by have a phone number of customer service.  The user can also use the live chat option for directly reporting their problems.

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